What you can build

Game hub, & gaming platform

Firebird is designed to scale to high-performance game platforms that require a quick and seamless user experience. DeFi, on-chain governance, and tailored data services can all benefit from our protocol. The goal of Firebird is to boost player-to-player and player-to-developer interactions.

NFT collectibles & marketplace

Offering a UX comparable to traditional applications and onboarding new users with a simple approach. Proving a suite of integrated services for games. Marketplaces can also store NFTs’ metadata and large files on Firebird's DocuGuard service.

Cross-chain DEX & wallet

Building bridges, DEX can exchange tokens on parachains or crypto-currencies on external chains (BTC, ETH, etc.). Creating blockchain wallet and digital asset infrastructure, processing cryptocurrency transactions, and moving assets securely and reliably.

AR - VR & Metaverse

The Firebird's cross-chain protocol is an ideal solution for ensuring data acquisition, storage, interoperability, and privacy preservation, which are the metaverse's main driving forces.

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